What to Love about Vessel Sinks

Amalfi Abalone 2000 B WEB

One of the interesting things about the vessel sink is that so many designers and kitchen and bath pros have a different take on how to use them—preferring them in different types of spaces and to suit different styles and clients. Where there is definitely consensus is this: If you are looking for visual oomph, a vessel sink is a way to go. We’ve seen them used in many wonderful ways, but we’ll let our round-up of experts do the talking about what’s to love most about the vessel sink:

Lido Shorline WEB
Lido Glass Vessel Sink from the Shoreline Series

Bathroom Vessel Sinks

“Unlike most other sinks that are exposed above the counter a little or not at all, vessel sinks demand attention and are a great way to create a statement in your bathroom.”

Anne Ellard of Anne Ellard Design in Queensland, Australia

“We actually call these vessel basins here in New Zealand. I definitely favor vessel sinks in my designs, especially powder rooms if I have enough room. They give a real classic feel. I love the way you can achieve an elegant sculptural feel which enhances the rest of my bathroom designs. My ethic is to create stylish and practical spaces for my clients, and vessel sinks usually provide this.”

Natalie Du Bois of Du Bois Design in Auckland, New Zealand

Maestro Bajo vessel sinks
Maestro Bajo vessel sink. Design by Merry Powell..

“If you’re after eye candy, vessel sinks are the way to go. … Unlike standard bathroom sinks, vessel designs sit above the counter surface. Reminiscent of historical bedroom washstands that consisted of a wash basin and pitcher for freshening up, current vessel sinks utilize modern materials and designs to sculptural effect.”

Rebecca Thienes Cherny of BobVila.com

Kitchen Vessel Sinks

“Clients love this trend. … on an island where the vessel looks like a copper bowl sitting on the counter, I love the look.”

Merry Powell of Merry Powell Interiors in Richmond, Virginia

Copper Vessel Sinks, Concrete Vessel Sinks, and Glass Vessel Sinks

“While [vessel] sinks are often related to a more contemporary design, when rustic materials are used they look like gorgeous, old world washbasins. Hammered copper has become popular in recent years and can add a depth of color to your space that some people love.”

Laurie March, host and creative force behind The House Counselor on HGTVRemodels.com

“Flat vessels surprise and delight the eye. When super-stylish elegance is your bathroom design goal, co-bathroom design’ vessel sink. These sinks are nearly flat and defy the description of a sink but work just as well as any other …”

Chris Peterson, author of Bathroom Ideas You Can Use

“Vessel sinks bring style and elegance to a bath, creating the appeal of art on a pedestal. … A copper vessel sink suits an island-style powder room.”

Debbie Snider of ds design studio in Redwood City, California

Sorrento Bianco 2000 WEB
Sorrento Glass Vessel Sink from the Bianco Series

Design Tips

“The traditional rules for choosing bathroom fixtures say that your sink, toilet, and tub should be in the same color family and fashioned from the same or similar materials. With vessel sinks, those rules no longer apply. You want your vessel sink to coordinate with the other fixtures in the room, certainly, but you don’t need to match them.”

Jalon Burton of It Can Be Arranged Design Studio in Atlanta, Georgia

“While many homeowners enjoy having vessel sinks in the guest bathroom as a show-off piece, vessel sinks are also popular in children’s bathrooms and the master bathroom. Scaled down versions of giant bowls can be used for the kids, while vessel trough sinks that feel like you’re bathing out of an artisan crafted basin are popular, too.”

Ronique Gibson of Stagetecture in Jacksonville, Florida

“They are splashy and look great in small spaces like powder rooms where many homeowners are willing to push the proverbial envelope on style. Another great application is an accessible bathroom where one sink is a vessel and raised for a standing user and the other is similar in shape and material but undermount or flush mount for the seated user.”

Molly McCabe of A Kitchen That Works in Bainbridge Island, Washington

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