Murano Collection | Design Series


The island of Murano, just off the coast of Venice, Italy, is famous for its celebrated artisan glass producers, each with their own family traditions.  The colors and patterns are created in the molding and spinning process, and each glass vessel sink is expertly hand-formed, giving each piece its own personality as an irreplaceable work of functional art.

The Murano Collection consists of five Design Series that incorporate colors and patterns inspired by views of the Italian coastline.


Shimmering mother of pearl meets the swirl of the sea. Murano glassmakers’ extraordinary artisanal skill and creativity result in the warm tones and bold accents of Abalone, inspired by their surrounding sea.


The bold depth of dark color in the Abyss series lends focus on shape and texture of the Murano Collection’s luxurious hand formed glass. Expert Italian glassmakers on the island of Murano showcase centuries of artistic innovation in the solid black, spun glass sink series.

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Italian glassmakers in Murano, Italy, showcase their impressive creative abilities and high level of artistic expertise through the Beachcomber series of Venetian glass vessel sinks. The earth tones and hints of mother of pearl create an undeniably alluring effect, along with a feeling of delightful tranquility.

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Murano glass artisans in the 16th century created the opaque, white-colored class called lattimo, or milk glass. Light and bright, Bianco celebrates the innovation of Venetian glassmakers on this small island in Italy, while it highlights beauty of form, function, and texture of the expertly hand formed Murano Collection.


Murano glassmakers, inspired by the sand, ocean, and waves of the Mediterranean Sea, create the Shoreline series. Creamy background and bold colors allow Shoreline to transport you to a place of energetic serenity, of bold calm, joyous tranquility.

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