Our Story

Blazing a trail

Blazing a Trail

In 1996, Naomi Neilson founded Native Trails, using her passion for artisan tradition, sustainability, and fair trade practices to bring the work of undiscovered artisans from central Mexico first to central California and then on to living spaces throughout North America. Combining the artisans’ age-old traditions with contemporary design and sustainable materials, Naomi broke new ground with Native Trails iconic copper sinks and helped to introduce copper as a mainstay material for the kitchen and bath.

Artisan Crafted from
Raw Materials

Under Naomi’s effervescent leadership, Native Trails has expanded far beyond copper sinks; its artisan-made product lines have grown to include groundbreaking NativeStone concrete sinksvanities made of reclaimed wood, and a range of home decor products.

Naomi Neilson, Founder/CEO of Native Trails

Blazing New Trails

Today, Native Trails leads the industry in artisan-crafted, sustainable products for kitchen and bath design; artisan-crafted sinks, tubs, and bathroom vanities are sold in over 1,300 showrooms throughout the United States and Canada.

Naomi and her team continue to find new trails to be forged, researching new offerings and traveling throughout the world, searching out undiscovered artisans who can bring life to Native Trails’ innovative designs, including handcrafted decor, copper gifts, and lifestyle products for the home and office.

Crafted Luxury for the Bath

The Artisans

To bring life to inspiring, innovative designs, we partner with skilled artisans who employ age-old tradition and craftsmanship. Each piece we create is one-of-a-kind; handcrafted from sustainable materials such as recycled copper, reclaimed wood, and concrete; each piece reflects the unique style and technique of the artisan who so skillfully created it.

Crafted Luxury for the Bath

Copper Artistry

Skilled coppersmiths combine centuries of tradition with contemporary design to create functional works of art. Using age-old techniques passed down through generations, a typical copper sink or copper tub takes several days and many thousands of hammer strikes to perfect.

Crafted Luxury for the Bath

Concrete Artistry

Artisans handcraft each NativeStone piece from a sustainable blend of natural materials to showcase their organic beauty and luxurious silky smooth texture. Each piece is hand formed, polished, and finished using contemporary craft techniques, then sealed with a cutting-edge nano-sealer to prevent stains and ensure that their beauty endures over time.

Crafted Luxury for the Bath

Furniture Artistry

Furniture craftsmen still “make things like they used to” using woodworking traditions that go back centuries. You’ll see the results of their meticulous artistry in our sustainable furniture, which is built to the standard of any heirloom quality piece, using reclaimed wood and FSC® woods as the source materials.
The Americana Collection and Vintner’s Collection are comprised of bathroom vanities and mirrors made of wood reclaimed from barns and wineries on California’s Central Coast, then handcrafted by local artisans.

Our Mission

At Native Trails, we enrich people’s lives and enhance their living spaces by creating inspiring products that combine artisan craftsmanship with natural, sustainable materials.

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Our Values

Artisan Traditions

We celebrate the culture and humanity that our handcrafted goods embody.

Thoughtful Design

We focus on innovation, sustainability, and quality.

Care of the Environment

We influence the health of our planet through our actions, words, and deeds; we infuse sustainability into the products we create.

Collaboration and Integrity

We put these first in our relationships, with both business partners and employees.

Making an Impact

We improve our community, both globally and locally, through our Community Trails program and our everyday way of doing business.

Shared Prosperity

We have done our job well when we provide value to the consumer while everyone involved thrives – from the artisan who crafts the products to our dealers who sell them.