Glass Artistry


The Murano Collection from Native Trails is a perfect representation of combining age-old artisan techniques and materials with contemporary design and function. For 1500 years, glass artisans in Italy have been working their furnaces to produce both useful and beautiful pieces that are seen around the world. Utilizing techniques handed down for centuries from Bronze Age glass makers through Egypt, the Romans and on to Venice, Murano has been the center for glassmaking in the modern world since the 13th century.

Murano Glass

Today, Murano Glass is still revered as some of the finest in the world and the Murano Collection from Native Trails is a reflection of our mission to help artisans bring their craftsmanship into markets beyond their reach. By infusing the soul of these handcrafted vessel sinks into interior designs all over North America and beyond, we feel these spaces will be enhanced with the ancient-modern sense of this functional art.


Murano Glass materials

Molten Murano glass

For the Murano Collection, the simple ingredients used to make glass (sand, sodium carbonate and sodium nitrate) are fused together in a crucible and turned into molten glass in a 2500 F degree furnace. The molten glass is molded and spun while color is added and then hand shaped to form beautiful glass vessel sinks. Each sink is then placed into a cooling process for hours to let it fully harden.

Creating a Murano Glass sink

Every sink in the Murano Collection is unique. The colors and patterns are created in the molding and spinning process and give each piece its own personality. The shapes can also vary slightly as each sink is spun and then formed after being freed from its mold – the result being an irreplaceable work of functional art.


The Murano Collection consists of five Design Series that incorporate colors and patterns inspired by views of the Italian coastline.


Shimmering mother of pearl meets warm tones, all in the swirl of the sea.

Murano Abyss Finish Detail


The bold depth of dark color lends focus on the shape and texture of each vessel

Murano Shoreline Finish Detail


Creamy background and bold colors inspired by the sand, ocean, and waves of the Mediterranean Sea

Murano Beachcomber Finish Detail


Earth tones and hints of mother of pearl create an undeniably alluring effect


This opaque, white-colored glass called lattimo, or milk glass, highlights the beauty of form, function, and texture