Precious Metals Artistry


The Precious Metals Collection celebrates Native Trails’ 25th anniversary! A luxurious new addition featuring genuine silver, platinum and 24k gold glazed fireclay sinks for the kitchen, bar and bath. The collection is crafted by Italian artisans from fireclay, coated with precious metal glazes.

The Umbrian region of central Italy, with its exceptional clay soils, has a long history of ceramics going back to the Bronze Age. It also boasts a rich heritage of gold and silver smiths that use ancient methods to create beautiful metallic glazes over handmade pottery.


Combining this age-old artisan culture with modern techniques and design, the Precious Metals Collection comes to life. Handcrafted of fine fireclay, fired twice at over 2200°F, each sink is then hand glazed with precious metal and fired yet a third time.

The result represents the finest aesthetic of luxury while paying homage to a storied past.

Lastly, each sink is protected with Native Trails’ exclusive, custom formulation sealer for ultimate durability. The result is an incredibly durable and strikingly beautiful collection of bath and kitchen sinks, that not only pay homage to the past, but are tough enough to ensure a long future.


These genuine silver, platinum and 24k gold glazed finishes celebrate Native Trails’ 25th Anniversary.

24k Matte Gold