NativeStone® fully upholds Native Trails’ Eco-Social Positive™ commitment to only make and sell products that have a positive influence on our world, both socially and environmentally. By adding jute—a natural, renewable vegetable fiber—to the proprietary concrete blend, Native Trails has reinvented concrete. NativeStone concrete sinks are 40 percent lighter, much stronger, and far more sustainable than traditional concrete sinks. They make use of natural resources, generate less waste, and require less energy than ordinary concrete production. Less heft also makes them easier to install and less expensive to ship than traditional concrete.

To develop NativeStone, Naomi Neilson and Native Trails President Tim Blair visited artisans in Vietnam. They spent weeks hiking to remote villages, exploring cities both ancient and modern, researching factories and workshops, and coming to appreciate the country’s strong handicraft tradition and deep-rooted artisan culture.

“We were looking for a material that could translate to both a kitchen and a bath sink,” says Blair. “It needed to be artisan-made, with our philosophy and story behind it. It also had to be sustainable to fit with our core beliefs and be viable for business. Not an easy thing in reality. Once we saw one of the NativeStone prototypes and felt the smooth, cool texture, we fell in love with it. If we love the product, it’s a pretty good bet that designers and homeowners will as well.”

The result is a product line inspired by nature, modern life, and by concrete’s naturally industrial appeal.


The process of forming a NativeStone sink is a multi-day, intensive undertaking. The artisans build their forms to Native Trails specifications and design, then hand fill the forms with an exclusive blend of raw materials and leave it to dry for 24 hours. Once taken out of the mold, the newly formed sink cures for 5 more days before the hand polishing phase and sealing process begins.

Each sink is sealed using a cutting edge nano-sealer, which penetrates the concrete on a molecular level to create a protective yet integrated barrier against stains and scratching. The sealer is hand applied in a multi-step process, creating an impenetrable barrier that is scratch resistant and impervious to water, oils, acids and food. The final two coats enhance the natural beauty of the concrete blend, while adding even more strength and durability.

The final result is a one-of-a-kind funtional work of art for your kitchen, bathroom or powder room.


Native Trails offers four distinctive NativeStone finishes: Pearl, Ash, Earth, and Slate.  With our various product designs and finishes, Native Trails Copper sinks, tubs and accents encompass design aesthetics ranging from traditional to contemporary.


A versatile, luminescent white


A light, naturally mottled grey.


A warm, natural brown-gray


A rich, dark grey


How do I maintain my NativeStone sink?

For care and maintenance of our concrete sinks, simply use mild, non-abrasive soap and cleaners. The sealer is highly stain and scratch resistant; however, normal care should be exercised and abrasives avoided. Wipe or rinse sink after use.

Will hot pans damage my NativeStone kitchen sink?

While our nano sealer will withstand high heat, we recommend allowing hot pots and pans to cool before placing in the sink.

Can I install a NativeStone sink outdoors?

Yes! NativeStone sinks are remarkably strong, and exceptionally stain resistant, crack resistant, and scratch resistant. And our exclusive low-VOC nano sealer is UV safe.

Can I install a NativeStone sink in the laundry room?

Yes! NativeStone sinks are remarkably strong, and exceptionally stain resistant, crack resistant, and scratch resistant. And our exclusive low-VOC nano sealer ensures the sinks are not affected by bleach.

Do I need to buy a Native Trails drain with my sink?

We recommend using a Native Trails drain as we can’t ensure that another manufacturer’s drain will work with our sink.  Although a Native Trails drain is not required, our exceptionally high quality drains are designed to work with NativeStone sinks, and they do have some differentiating features. For example, they work well with thicker-walled sinks and thread all the way up to ensure a tight seal. Our drains are also designed for sinks without overflows, like ours.

Are NativeStone sinks UPC compliant?

Yes. All Native Trails sinks and bathtubs are UPC/cUPC compliant, facilitating their use in all types of projects. Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) governs the installation and inspection of plumbing systems as a means of promoting the public’s health, safety and welfare. Commercial projects normally require UPC compliance and it is also required in many regions for new residential construction. Our products and facilities are regularly inspected to ensure compliance.

Does Native Trails supply templates for the NativeStone basins?

Due to the inherent variation in dimensions of our handcrafted concrete sinks, we do not supply templates. We highly recommend waiting to receive your actual sink before making any cuts in the counter top. However, we do have spec sheets available on each product page, or you can search spec sheets by product name in our Document Library.

Do your vanity tops come pre-cut for your NativeStone lavatory sinks?

Yes; you may choose the cut-out configuration to match your NativeStone concrete sink and faucet.  View more details on our Vanity Top Cut-Outs page.