How quickly will I receive my order?

Native Trails is proud to have one of the shortest lead times in the industry. We will typically ship within 48 hours of receiving your order. In the rare instance that an item is backordered, we will notify you immediately.

What is the care and maintenance of Native Trails copper products?

All Finishes: Copper is amazingly easy to maintain. Caring for our finishes is particularly simple since they do not show fingerprints as stainless steel or polished copper does. For basic cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. Keep your copper product clean and dry by wiping it down daily with a soft cloth. Abrasive cleaners or copper polish should never be used on our products as they may affect the finish. For extra protection, a product such as Flitz Faucet Wax+ may be applied. The following is information specific to each finish:

Antique and Tempered Finishes: Copper is a living metal that will naturally patina over time. Our copper products are not lacquered or sealed; they will react to their environment as they develop character. Acidic substances such as lemons, ketchup or red wine may alter the copper finish after prolonged contact. Not to worry, in a short time (usually just days) it will naturally re-patina itself! Copper’s beauty is ever changing and no two pieces are ever alike.

Brushed Nickel Finish: Our Brushed Nickel finish is achieved by plating nickel over copper, followed by careful hand brushing. It is a very easy finish to maintain. Acidic substances left on the nickel finish for extended periods of time may leave a slight dark mark, but this is easily removed with Flitz Polish or chrome polish.

What should I know about caring for my NativeStone® sink?

For maintenance, simply use mild, non-abrasive soap and cleaners. The sealer is highly stain and scratch resistant; however, normal care should be exercised and abrasives avoided. Wipe or rinse sink after use.

Do you offer ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant products?

Native Trails currently offers full lines of ADA compliant bathroom sinksFind a showroom to discuss ADA compliant products to meet your needs.

How are NativeStone® products reinforced?

Our NativeStone® Collection is reinforced with natural jute fiber, an incredibly strong and sustainable material. The result is a much lighter weight product, about 40% lighter than standard concrete, as well as an extremely crack-resistant product. In the unlikely event that a hairline crack does develop, it is not structural and the product is not considered to be defective.

Will hot pans damage my NativeStone® kitchen sink?

While our nano sealer will withstand high heat, we recommend allowing hot pots and pans to cool before placing in the sink.

Can NativeStone® be customized?

The only customization we currently offer related to NativeStone® is adding extra faucet holes to the trough sinks.

Which Native Trails products can be customized?

We are experts at customizing our copper products! Whether your customer’s vision requires a custom kitchen sink or island, a relocated drain opening, or a larger lavatory countertop, we can make it a reality. We can also craft custom sizes of our Americana bath vanities, as noted in the vanity section of this book. NativeStone® cannot be customized.

How do I order a custom item?

Displaying dealers can submit a project and obtain a complimentary price quote through our Customer Service Department (800.786.0862). Most price quotes will be completed within 48 hours. Once the quote has been accepted, a $150 (net) non-refundable custom order fee will be charged. Approximate lead time for sink and vanity custom orders is 8-12 weeks and 10-16 weeks for range hoods. Custom products may not be cancelled or returned.

What are UPC and cUPC compliance?

The Uniform Plumbing Code™ (UPC™) and Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code™ (cUPC™) are designated as the American and Canadian national standards, respectively, to provide consumers with safe and sanitary plumbing systems. Commercial construction projects, as well as many residential construction projects, normally require specified products to be certified. All Native Trails sinks and bathtubs are UPC/cUPC certified, facilitating their use in all types of projects.

Does Native Trails supply templates for the basins?

Due to the inherent variation in dimensions of our handcrafted products, we do not supply templates. We highly recommend waiting to receive your actual sink before making any cuts in the counter top. However, we do have spec sheets available on our website, nativetrailshome.com.

Do you provide sink clips for undermounting the basins?

We do not provide sink clips because we cannot anticipate the counter material that will be used. Mounting clips can be provided by any professional installer.

Can plumbers putty be used to install a Native Trails sink and drain?

No, we strongly advise against the use of plumbers putty with our products, as it may harm the finish. We recommend using silicone.

Do I need to buy a Native Trails drain with my sink?

Our exceptionally high quality drains are designed to work with Native Trails sinks, and they do have some differentiating features. For example, they work well with both thicker-walled sinks (such as NativeStone®) or thin-walled sinks such as copper. Our lavatory drains thread all the way up to ensure a tight seal, a key requirement for our copper sinks. Our drains are also designed for sinks without overflows, like ours. We cannot ensure that another manufacturer’s drain will work with our sinks.

We also offer an unusual option that many find especially appealing: solid copper strainers. We offer solid copper as an option for a strainer with a living finish that will evolve like our copper sinks and never peel or chip.

What ventilation system is used in Native Trails Range Hoods?

Native Trails range hoods come with an extremely high quality, professional grade 600 or 1200 CFM ventilation system with a safe and highly efficient baffle filtration system and a variable speed motor control, giving infinite settings for your ventilation needs. Halogen lighting with dimmer controls provides exceptional visibility and efficiency.

Do your vanity tops come pre-cut for your sinks?

Yes; you may choose the cut-out configuration to match your sink and faucet. If you require a different faucet placement, or a vanity top with no cut-outs, we can easily accommodate your needs upon request.

What is the minimum cabinet size to use with a Native Trails kitchen sink?

The general rule for installing a kitchen sink is to leave 3” of space on either side of your sink to allow room for the mounting hardware (not included), so you will want a cabinet that is about 6” wider than the width of your sink, i.e. 24” sink (Cocina 24) would require a minimum cabinet size of 30”.

What is FSC and why does Native Trails use FSC certified wood?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, nonprofit organization established to promote and certify responsible management of the world’s forests. Forests must be managed to meet social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations. Native Trails uses FSC wood in our bath vanities to ensure their low impact on the earth.

Proposition 65

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