Available Sizes:



  • Easy to install
  • Secure support
  • Adjustable brackets fit any sink between 14″ and 47″
  • Suitable for rimmed or rimless sinks
  • Available in two sizes


For use in wood cabinets.

The Small kit, adjustable from 14” to 26” in length, is best for small (less than 27” wide) bathroom vanity installations for front-to-back installation of rimmed sinks in standard cabinets.

The Large kit, adjustable from 25” to 47” in length, works well in cabinets 27”-48” wide. It is best for most kitchen and bathroom cabinet installations.


  • Multiple adjustment points insure even support
  • Small kit expandable from 14″ to 26″
  • Large kit expandable from 25″ to 48″