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“A well thought-out design should stimulate your sense of smell, sight, sound, and touch,” states Jamie Banfield. She is the industry personality and principal designer of Jamie Banfield Design, an interior and furniture design firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Look through the firm’s portfolio, and one quickly realizes that this statement isn’t just hyperbole. Jamie is well known for his contemporary West Coast style, incorporating elements that are a delight to the senses. And while he designs all sorts of spaces, his focus is on kitchens and baths because they offer the “most opportunity to have an impact on a home.” His designs are also having an impact on the industry. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recently recognized Jamie as one of its top 30 Under 30 in North America, and he frequently lends his style advice on stage and in print.

Native Trails chats with Jamie Banfield about his passions of designing for the senses and sustainability.

Maestro Sonata vessel sink featured in Thomas Residence, Powder Room Remodel, BC, Canada

Maestro Sonata vessel sink featured in Thomas Residence, Powder Room Remodel, BC, Canada

NT: Your statement on the importance of designing for all the senses is intriguing. Tell us more about that.
JB: I love layering different textures and colors in a space. The texture is an amazing way to stimulate touch—from a plush towel to pebble-stoned flooring. Each medium has a unique effect on your senses and comes in all shapes and forms. Incorporating natural materials in a space is another way to delight the senses. Whether in the form of a wood backsplash in a herringbone pattern in a kitchen, a textured copper sink, or a live edge counter top, I want each room to have a showpiece that is also classic so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come. One of my favorite projects is a condo renovation we recently completed. We were able to create a cohesive design throughout. While also giving each room a different feel by incorporating a mix of textures and colors.
Thomas Residence, Kitchen Remodel, BC, Canada

NT: You used that design style—the layering of texture—in another recent project that really caught our eye, your “Textured Powder Room.” What are the textural components you incorporated there?
JB: We were able to execute the layering beautifully in this particular powder room. From the seagrass wallpaper with delicate threads of gold to the industrial looking faucets and hammered copper sink with a brushed nickel finish set against the ribbon glass countertop, the room has visual dimension and interest, while offering a perfect balance between feminine and masculine elements. We carefully selected each of the materials used to ensure a cohesive look throughout while also considering functionality and style.
NT: You used a Native Trails hammered nickel sink in that project. What factors led you to select copper, and more specifically, Native Trails?
JB: We felt that the hand-hammered copper sink offered an industrial look and feel to the room as well as texture. I have used copper on numerous design projects. It offers a unique look with its clean design aesthetic, is durable, and provides added texture to any space.
Nature Trails offers amazing selection and high-quality products. We have a shared passion for innovative design and sustainable materials.

NT: Tell us more about your stance on sustainability.
JB: Sustainable design is a driving force behind everything that we do at Jamie Banfield Design. With each craftsman and supplier that we work with, we ensure that they share our values and offer expertly made products with local materials. By sourcing within British Columbia, it gives our clients a sense of pride in knowing that the products are locally made and that we are all doing our part to contribute to the economy.
NT: What advice do you give to clients starting a project?
JB: We always say that a strong plan and process is essential to the success of every design project. It is also important to work with a qualified interior designer, who can provide insight and clear plans of action. In the end this saves valuable time and money. We always look at the big picture to achieve the most desirable results. From concept to planning and execution, we’re with our clients every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome.
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