Five Things to Love About an Integrated Sink

Integrated Sinks - Palomar Vanity Top with Integrated Sink width=

Call it what you will—we hear “integrated sink countertop,” “counter sink,” “integral sink,” “single-piece vanity sink,” and all sorts of other variations—but a vanity top with a built-in sink has long been a popular choice in bathrooms and is emerging as a favorite look for modern kitchens, too. Today’s integrated sinks offer incredible variety, as they’re available in a breadth of materials from quartz to copper, marble to concrete, and in enticing finishes like brushed nickel, antique copper, slate, and ash. An integrated bathroom sink is a foolproof way to simplify the bathroom remodeling process, as it takes out some of the guesswork—and work—involved with perfectly coordinating a sink to a countertop and vanity. Want to know what else we love about integral sinks? Read on.

1. Quick and easy to clean

This is a big one. A single-piece design doesn’t have any cracks or crevices between the sink and counter, where gunk notoriously collects. This makes this sink incredibly easy to clean—ideal for powder rooms that need a quick wipe-down before guests arrive. Our NativeStone® Concrete vanity tops (shown above) will even resist staining!


Cozumel Bathroom Sink and Vanity Top

2. A sleek, minimalist aesthetic

Because an integrated sink and countertop are made of the same materials, the effect can be sleek, sophisticated and clean. Says kitchen and bath pro, Jessica DiSanto, “This design is a great option for homeowners who want to replace their countertops as well as their sink, and want a smooth, unified look. For those who love a modern, sleek look … choose an integrated sink.”

3. Luxurious Feel

If “integrated sink” brings to mind those ugly, old-school plastic jobs — think the pastel pink seashell sink of yore — then you haven’t yet seen the new models.  Integrated sinks today feel extraordinarily high-end because they’re often made of luxurious materials such as hammered copper or marble. And the fact that they’re hewn from, or carved from, the same slab heightens their appeal.

4. Easy to install

We suggest hiring a professional plumber to install your sinks and countertops correctly and safely. However, if you do have a mind to D.I.Y., then integral sinks are for you. Integrated sinks also make it easy for a homeowner to update an old vanity.

Integrated Sink: Palomar Vanity Top with Integral Sink in Slate

Palomar Vanity Top with Integral Sink in Slate

5. Good for bathrooms used by children

Kids can be messy. If you’re looking for a kid-proof bathroom that’s simple to wipe down, “A countertop with an integrated sink is a good choice for bathrooms used by kids,” say designers Amy Matthews and Bridget Biscotti Bradley in their book Weekend Bathroom Makeovers. “There’s no sink rim or joints for dirt to get trapped in, and the edges can be rounded to prevent bumps and bruises.”
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