Meet Designer Eva LaRocque: “Good Design Is a Feeling, Not a Look”

As principal designer and owner of her own California-based firm, Eva LaRocque has quickly made a name for herself as a rising star in the interior design world. Inspired by neutral color palettes, natural textiles, rooms filled with light, and highly skilled in the art of layering materials and textures, Eva creates spaces characterized by their warmth, depth and Pinterest-perfectness. Exhibit A: The powder room she designed in La Mirada with Native Trails’ NativeStone Trough 3619 sink. Of her guiding design philosophy, Eva says, “I believe in quality over quantity. Keep working on it until it feels right. Often it’s a feeling, and not a look.”

NativeStone Trough 3619 sink in Eva LaRocque design| Photo:

How would you describe your design aesthetic in five words? 

California casual, European-inspired, modern-classic, layered and approachable. That was more than five words! 

What stands out as the top three moments of your career to date?

Recently being selected to work on a large long-term project in Carmel. Having one of our projects featured by Becki Owens—one of my favorite designers. And collaborating with other industry creatives whom I admire and who inspire me on the daily to dig deeper in my craft. 

What’s a low point in your career that you learned a big lesson from?

One of the hardest things about running a business is learning to say no to opportunities that don’t feel right. Working on projects that stylistically and relationally were not a good match was a lesson I learned early on. I learned the importance of being extra thoughtful about the projects we select and the clients we work with. 

Design: Eva LaRocque Interiors | Photo:

Who are three interior designers who have inspired you the most?

I’m consistently inspired by the aesthetic of my fellow California-based designers Katie Hodges, Amber Lewis, and Jake Arnold. They all embrace the quiet drama that texture (versus color) can evoke, and tend to use concrete and natural woods to bring elements of the outdoors in.

(Editor’s note: Arnold has sourced NativeStone bathtubs for the homes of actor Aaron Paul and Vanessa Hudgens.)

What’s your favorite room in a home to decorate?

I cherish being able to design living rooms. There is such an opportunity to layer, add warmth through fabrics and natural materials and to create comfort and a feeling of home. I especially love it when the client doesn’t “need” to have a TV in the room!  

Design: Eva LaRocque Interiors | Photo:

What’s your earliest design-related memory?

Organizing, synthesizing and styling shelves!

What’s a dream project you haven’t yet gotten to do?

I feel grateful that my dream projects will be starting next year! For me a dream project is one in which I get to start at the very beginning, collaborating with the architect, and we are able to synthesize an approach with the client’s vision in mind from the start so it is cohesively integrated into the home. 

NativeStone Trough 3619 sink in Eva LaRocque design | Photo:

You used our trough sink in a powder room design, and it’s become one of our most popular pins on Pinterest. What inspired this space?

We wanted to create a space that utilized only natural materials. We used terracotta tile on the walls, natural stained wood cabinets, and the concrete Native Trails sink, which is gorgeous! The outcome feels organic, interesting and lends depth in an otherwise small powder bath.

Have you used Native Trails products in any of your other spaces or do you plan to?

We’re working on a European-influenced home with California vibes that’s slated to complete mid-next year and we’re using NativeStone Morro sink!

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Design: Eva LaRocque Interiors | Photo:

Bathroom sources:

Sink: Native Trails’ NativeStone Trough 3619 sink
Tile: Tabarka Studio’s “Rue Des Rosiers 15”
Light fixture: Restoration Hardware
Faucet: Brizo
Tile: Tabarka Studio
Mirror: CB2