5 Reasons to Consider a Brushed Nickel Sink for Your Kitchen

Jarrett Design 2
Design by Jarrett Design, LLC
Featuring Cantina bar sink in Brushed Nickel

This year, Native Trails celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of our Brushed Nickel finish. When we introduced it in 2004, we did so to provide a luxurious alternative to stainless steel sinks that would be just as easy for homeowners to care for. We reimagined the workhorse of the kitchen—the sink—as a work of art. Today, our Brushed Nickel sinks now add artisanal charm to kitchens throughout the U.S. and Canada. Considering one for your own home? We talked to several interior designers about why they continue to use our Brushed Nickel sinks in their kitchens.

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Design by Jarrett Design, LLC
Featuring Pinnacle kitchen sink in Brushed Nickel

1. Brushed Nickel adds texture, luxury, and warmth.

Hand-hammered by our artisans, Native Trails’ Brushed Nickel sinks are more luxurious and warmer-toned than a stainless steel or chrome sink. The texture not only begs to be touched but provides durability against those everyday nicks and scratches. It is also wonderfully versatile—working in a contemporary space just as well as in a traditional design. “Brushed Nickel adds an element of warmth to the space,” says Lauren Villano, senior designer with Jarrett Design, Inc. “It doesn’t feel as cold and sterile as stainless steel can. It provides a softness that many clients with more traditional spaces are craving.”

North South Studio
Design by NorthSouth Design
Featuring Farmhouse Duet kitchen sink in Brushed Nickel

2. Our Brushed Nickel sinks are handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Bridging the best of ancient traditions and new innovations, we partner with skilled artisans who employ age-old tradition and craftsmanship to bring our designs to life. Remarkably, each Brushed Nickel sink we create is one-of-a-kind. And a typical sink takes several days and many thousands of hammer strikes to perfect. “The Native Trails Brushed Nickel hammered sink added another layer to the kitchen that is somewhat unexpected—something that is timeless and chic,” says Megan Reece, owner of NorthSouth Design in Parkersburg, West Virginia. 

Cooper Pacific
Design by Cooper Pacific Kitchens
Featuring Farmhouse Duet kitchen sink in Brushed Nickel

3. Our Brushed Nickel sinks are sustainably made from high-quality recycled copper.

All of our durable, 16-gauge recycled copper kitchen sinks come in Brushed Nickel. After our master coppersmiths go through the process of hand-forging, forming and hammering our sinks (read about the process in detail here), we plate the copper in nickel. The Brushed Nickel finish is achieved by electroless plating, which gives extreme surface adhesion and ensures that every surface is evenly coated, in uniform thickness. Used regularly for mining and aerospace applications, it also provides superior wear and corrosion resistance. To decrease the environmental impact of nickel plating, our plating partners adhere to the very strict California regulations for air and water quality as well as recycling of any waste materials. After plating, they purposefully and artfully brush the material, for a soft, beautifully textured finish. (We also offer a Polished Nickel finish, where they polish the nickel, rather than brush. This results in a mirror-like finish.)

Delicious Kitchens
Design by Delicious Kitchens & Interiors
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Featuring Farmhouse 30 kitchen sink in Brushed Nickel

4. Brushed Nickel plays well with other metals.

To create an earthy eclecticism and/or a kitchen that defies any one era or style, mix your metals. As the Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott recently told us, “One of the biggest trends is mixed metals, but also mixing many materials to make for more interesting designs. For us, it’s about creating something interesting. You never walk into a space where everything is matchy-matchy and typical and then walk away with a feeling of it being unique and wonderful.” Similarly, Heidi Huddleston, CKD, of Delicious Kitchens & Interiors in Charleston, South Carolina, told us she decided to mix one of our Brushed Nickel sinks with a polished gold faucet and cabinet hardware because “the hammered apron front sink was the perfect complement to the other mixed metal elements in the room.”

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Featuring Pinnacle kitchen sink in Brushed Nickel

5. Looking for easy to clean and maintain? Look no further than Brushed Nickel.

A lot of research and testing went into the best process for creating a glamorous finish that would be durable, easy to care for and nothing less than drop-dead gorgeous. For general care and maintenance of a Native Trails Brushed Nickel product, we recommend cleaning with a mild soap (Dawn Original, Palmolive Original, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day) and water, avoiding antibacterial soap. After cleaning and drying a Brushed Nickel sink, carnauba wax or Flitz Faucet Wax Plus can be applied. The wax adds extra protection against spots and mineral build-up. If ever needed, Flitz Polish can be applied to remove any black shadow marks.

Browse all of our copper and Brushed Nickel sinks here or find a showroom near you to shop them in person!