Project Spotlight: An Opulent Tuscan-Inspired Bathroom Design by Navilize

Interior designer Mohammad Jaberansari crafts emotional connection through design, creating feelings of harmony in this striking bathroom design in Temecula, CA

All Interior Design By: Navilize
All Photography By: Jonathan Price
Featuring: Avalon 62 in Pearl

In the heart of Temecula, CA, where vineyards weave a picturesque backdrop, interior designer Mohammad Jaberansari of Navilize has created a sanctuary of tranquility and eco-conscious luxury. This Tuscan-inspired bathroom design, featuring the Native Trails Avalon bathtub and 1,600 hand placed tiles, stands as a testament to the power of design in shaping our emotional experience of a space.

Jaberansari’s design ethos, rooted in the belief that our surroundings have a profound impact on our emotions, shines through in every carefully curated detail of this stunning bathroom. As part of a larger 6,700 square foot remodel project, Navilize approached the renovation with a deep reverence for the existing architecture, ensuring a seamless blend between old and new.

Drawing inspiration from his client’s cherished memories and moments of joy, the goal was to create a home spa atmosphere where serenity and sophistication converge. Handmade tiles, warm drapes, and reclaimed wood shelving harmonize with the centerpiece of the space: the Native Trails concrete bathtub.

Your unique design ethos plays such a big part in the success of your projects. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

In 2018, I started my design firm with a unique vision — designing based on people’s feelings and emotions. Despite our belief in being logical beings, we are significantly influenced by our emotions, and our surroundings play a vital role.

We spend more than 70% of our lifetime in buildings, and if our surroundings are designed based on our emotions, we can start and end our days in our best moods. This approach not only allows us to make better decisions in life but also promotes a healthier and happier lifestyle.

On that note, can you share your point of inspiration for this particular bathroom design?

We drew inspiration from our client’s life experiences and the joyful moments they’ve had.

Our aim was to design a space that evokes their fondest memories and brings happiness while addressing their specific needs for the area.

Our primary objective was to create a home spa atmosphere.

To achieve this, we incorporated handmade tiles and a Native Trails NativeStone Avalon 62 concrete bathtub. The combination of these elements perfectly aligned with our goal. We added pleated drapes for warmth and acoustic comfort, complemented by reclaimed wood shelves, completing the overall spa vibe we envisioned.

What steps did you take to achieve this gorgeous before and after?

We added an extra layer of drywall to the walls and smoothed the ceiling surface to meticulously install 1600 pieces of tile one by one. The process was a true lesson in artistry for us, watching and appreciating the skill of the [tile setters] we collaborated with.

The entire bathroom design, including the vanities and restrooms renovation, took approximately four months to complete.

What made you choose the Avalon tub?

The shape and depth were crucial for our client; they desired a tub that provided ample depth and length for a comfortable soak, and the Avalon was the best fit for us. Additionally, the silky concrete texture and matte finish added an extra layer of warmth to our space, creating a perfect contrast with the glazed Moroccan zellige tiles.

Was the bathroom design part of a larger project, and if so, how does it fit into that?

Yes, this bathroom design is part of a 6,700-square-foot renovation project. It took about two years to complete phase one, and phase 2 is still in process. It’s a wine country house in Temecula with Tuscan architecture.

We approached the renovation with great respect for the existing architecture. Our goal was to design the interiors in a way that eliminates the feeling of a gap between the time the house was originally built and the renovation. We aimed for a seamless integration that makes it seem like everything was done at the same time.

Looking back at what we have accomplished so far, we feel grateful because not only are our clients happy and enjoying their home, but there is a close relationship in terms of style and vibe between the exterior and interior of the house. We believe that the exterior should flirt with the interior to achieve harmonious design, and I think they are truly flirting now.

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