5 Restful Sanctuaries Created Using Native Trails Bathtubs

Relax and unwind with a good, long soak; a bathroom sanctuary can be the perfect remedy for a stressful day. That’s why we’re highlighting five designers who have used a Native Trails bathtub to set the stage for an at-home spa moment – any time you please. 

An open air bathroom sanctuary featuring a concrete NativeStone bathtub. Neutrals such as wood, concrete and cream tones set the stage for total relaxation.
Design: Jula Cole Design
Photo: Nader Essa
Bathtub: NativeStone Avalon 62 in Ash

There’s more to a bath than relaxation, but for us, that’s a big part of it. And if a nightly soak isn’t part of your self-care routine, we suggest you give it a try.

Studies show baths promote restful sleep, ease joint and muscle pain, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and support the health of your heart. And just like many parents give their children a bath as part of a bedtime routine, adults can benefit from treating themselves to the ritual of a nightly bath.

“I take a bath every single night,” actress Gwyneth Paltrow tells Byrdie. “I fell in love with the ritual of it — lighting a candle and having a cup of tea or a whiskey, depending on my day. It’s non-negotiable. I do it every night.”

Here, we’re showcasing five Native Trails bathtub installations that inspire serenity and that might just motivate you to create a bathroom sanctuary of your very own.

1. Vanessa Hudgens’ Gothic L.A. Bathroom Sanctuary by Jake Arnold

Designer: Jake Arnold
Photographer: Jenna Peffley
Featuring: NativeStone Avalon 62 in Ash

To actress Vanessa Hudgens, a good long bath signifies that she’s finally arrived home. “The first night that I’m home, I take a bath,” she confirms.  

For her luxurious Los Feliz bathroom sanctuary she worked with interior designer Jake Arnold, and together they chose Native Trails’ Avalon 62 bathtub, made of silky-smooth NativeStone.

“The bathroom is a sexy cave,” Hudgens tells Architectural Digest. It’s “one of my favorite places in the house.”

The concrete bathtub is set against a moody, charcoal backdrop and is flanked by dramatic candelabras, creating an aspirational setting for a quiet, secluded soak.  

2. A Breezy Palm Dessert Retreat by Angela Wells

An inside-out bathroom sanctuary featuring a NativeStone concrete bathtub and large succulents with a bohemian light fixture made of straw.
Designer: Angela Wells Interior Design
Featuring: NativeStone Avalon 72 in Ash

Spending time in nature is associated with some pretty amazing health benefits. From easing chronic pain to improving mental health, the benefits of spending time outside are well documented.

That’s why we love this indoors-out bathroom sanctuary created by Palm Desert-based designer Angela Wells.    

In this primary bathroom, there’s almost no delineation between outdoors and indoors, and our NativeStone Avalon 72 bathtub takes center stage.

“The raw beauty of the earthy concrete Avalon soaking tub is the perfect complement to our nature- inspired interiors,” says Wells. “It’s a statement piece that boldly defines both style and substance.”

Bonus: This tub is big enough for two – and a long soak with your partner can be a great way to release stress and reconnect after a hectic day.

3. An Open Concept Sanctuary by Lisa Staton Design

Design: Lisa Staton Interior Design
Photographer: Aaron Leitz
Bathtub: Copper Santorini in Polished Copper

When Seattle-based homeowners decided to undertake a full-scale remodel, they reached out to interior designer Lisa Staton to help them to maximize their homes layout.   

In a bold move, they dedicated their upstairs floor to an elegant, primary suite complete with a bathroom sanctuary perfect for unwinding.

Native Trails Santorini tub in Polished Copper is shown here with a beautiful, time-earned patina and is installed at the top of the stairs in an open-concept bathroom area.

4. An Outdoor Oasis for Emily Baldoni

Copper bathtub takes center stage in Justin Baldoni's Ojai backyard making his wife's lifelong dream a reality
Bathtub: Copper Santorini in Polished Copper

Inspired by trips to Mexico and the serenity of Ojai’s majestic landscape, actor and producer Justin Baldoni engaged in an expansive remodel of his Spanish-style family home.

Leaning into the art of Feng Shui, Baldoni and wife Emily prioritized positive energy flow in their space. But the bespoke design wasn’t complete without one final touch: a Native Trails Santorini Tub in Polished Copper.

Baldoni says that the credit for the inspired design is due solely to his wife. “When we moved to [Ojai],” says Baldoni, “Emily told me that she had always dreamed of having a copper tub.” But not just any copper tub, he adds. Rather, one in which she could bathe under the stars.

We’re pleased to say that our Native Trails copper bathtub provided the perfect solution for making her open-air dream a reality.

5. An Open-Air Installation by Kylie Ray Syburg of the LifeStyledCo

Design: The LifeStyled Co.
Builder: E&S Builders
Bathtub: NativeStone Avalon 72 in slate

We present to you another outdoor bathtub installation … because the benefits of being – and bathing – outdoors cannot be overstated. From escaping the digital world to simultaneously taking in the meditative sights and sounds of nature, an outdoor bathtub really sets the tone for a stress relieving soak.

Lead designer Kylie Ray Syburg of the LifeStyledCo stuck to three words of inspiration for this interior: California, casual and Americana.

“The unique features in this home include a ‘dirty kitchen,’ expansive kids wing and home theater,” says Ray, “but the star of the show is most definitely the private outdoor shower and tub off of the primary suite!”

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