Marcio Decker: Bringing the Rustic Outdoors Inside

Co-owner of Aspen Leaf Interiors, Marcio is a true team player who sees each project as an opportunity to interpret and execute their client’s visions, within the parameters of the building location and the clients’ lifestyles. Native Trails connects with Marcio about Aspen Leaf’s award-winning Lake Tahoe design, his kitchen, and his art.

NT: Your Lahontan-John Keiser Ct project’s Master Bathroom has won awards and has been published in several magazines. Tell us more about that project.
MD: This home is a wonderful example of Mountain/Contemporary residential interior design. We used natural materials and color palette to create a clean, minimal interior environment.

For the Master Bath specifically, our clients wished to create a spa-like environment.  To accomplish this, we brought the rustic outdoors of the Lake Tahoe setting inside by selecting many natural materials in their raw form. Stacked slate in rich warm tones lines the walls and complements the living copper sinks. Honed slate slabs deck the cabinetry and the tub surface. Large travertine tiles make up the floor and two of the shower walls.  In an effort to keep the space as open as possible, a two-sided fireplace was selected, which connects the master bedroom to the bathroom. The same materials were used to seamlessly join the two spaces, while still giving privacy to the bath located just on the other side of the fireplace wall.  This bathroom achieves a great rustic mountain feel while accomplishing its mission of creating a relaxing spa experience.
Marcio Decker, Aspen Leaf Interiors; "We brought the rustic outdoors inside."

NT: What was the most challenging aspect of this project?
MD: Every time you create and implement a minimalistic design, the transitions between the materials are very important and challenging.

NT: You selected Native Trails Hana lavatory sinks for the Master Bath, as well as for the smaller bathroom. Why?
MD: Copper was a key material to our designs in this house. The use of copper sinks for this project was essential to achieve the look our clients requested. They wanted a warm ranch flavor done simply and artistically. The sleek lines of Hana’s rectangular rim, along with its rounded bowl, make it a wonderful complement to the overall design.

NT: Do you have a favorite color for the kitchen?
MD: Favorite colors in design are hard for me to answer – I really believe it depends on the setting and building. My current kitchen incorporates admiral blue, steel gray, white and taupe. I love it!
Marcio Decker, Aspen Leaf Interiors; "Art... final touch to a well-designed room."

NT: We recently learned that you paint with acrylics, and are represented by a gallery in Miami. Tell us about that.
MD: I studied art and design at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria in Brazil. This led to a passion for abstraction, architecture, and the creative process. I love the combination of art and interiors:  art is a very important final touch to a well-designed room. And I’m very excited with a current adventure – my art is featured in the HGTV Dream Home, placed in the main room between living room and kitchen!