The Creative Force of Alison Whittaker

Spend just a few minutes talking design with Alison Whittaker, the creative force behind Alison Whittaker Design, Inc., or perusing the portfolio on her website, and you’ll understand why she’s so well known for luxury residential interiors. It’s clear she takes the time to get to know her clients and create a space that reflects them, personally.

NT: We originally met you when we came across a stunning photo of our Aurora tub in a serene, luxurious setting. Our jaws dropped! What can you tell us about that project?
AW: Oh, the Californian Mediterranean project – that just happens to be one of my favorites! It was wonderful, because I was involved at the very start of the project, working with the client and architect, drawing bubble diagrams to show how spaces fit together. I was able to do all the design work from the beam designs and exterior to the window coverings. This project was inspired by the wonderful Santa Barbara/California Mediterranean style architecture and detailing.
Alison Whittaker 2

NT: So being involved through an entire project allowed you a lot of freedom in design choices. Were there challenging aspects as well?
AW: It’s funny – one of my favorite aspects, the scale of the rooms, also created a challenge for me. At 12,500 square feet, this is a very large home, so there were lots of details to implement. At the time I was working alone, so I created a very organized process to keep on track.

NT: Speaking of scale of rooms, let’s talk about the jaw-dropping Master Bathroom. Tell us about your design.
AW: The Aurora hammered copper slipper tub was the perfect focal point for the grand Master Bath. The wonderful textures and colors of copper make a perfect focus for the space. I designed a tile mosaic stone rug to set the tub apart from the main flooring. The tub was located in the center of a beautiful Palladian-style window with a stunning light fixture above. The result was gorgeous!

NT: Is there any part of the project that you consider particularly unique or interesting?
AW: The 12′ custom light fixture that descends to a lower level was a knock out. It is very dramatic at night when you drive up to the residence.

NT: What would you say is your signature style?
AW: Clean lines with rich materials in interesting details for all styles, Modern and new traditional.

NT: What are your favorite ways to add your signature style to a design?
AW: My favorites? Rich wood tones in the kitchen, spa green in the bathroom, and a sphere of some sort in the decor!
Alison Whittaker 3
Photography by Alison Whittaker and Russell Abraham Photography