Unexpectedly Native: Designers Showcase Originality – and Spark Creativity in the Process

Creativity abounds. Interior designers showcase their originality by transforming a backyard space into a spa-like sanctuary using a freestanding Native Trails copper bathtub, while NativeStone concrete sinks create luxury in two unlikely locations. Also, don’t miss an under-the-stairs installation of our Maestro Sonata Brushed Nickel sink.

It goes without saying – we’re delighted by the images that you tag #nativetrails, as well as the ones that make it to our inbox. But some … are truly captivating.

So, we’re featuring four entirely unexpected projects that will inspire you to think outside of the design box to create a little bit of your own magic.

1. Dreams do come true: A backyard copper tub

Surrounded by olive trees and centuries old oak trees, a freestanding copper bathtub creates a backyard oasis in Ojai, CA at actor Jason Baldoni's family home.

Inspired by trips to Mexico and the serenity of Ojai’s majestic landscape, Justin Baldoni, actor and producer, engaged in an expansive remodel of his Spanish-style family home. Leaning into the art of Feng Shui, Baldoni and wife Emily prioritized positive energy flow in their space.

But ultimately, the design wasn’t complete without one final touch: a Native Trails Santorini Tub in Polished Copper. The installation caught our attention because of its unique backyard location. Baldoni says that the credit for the inspired design is due solely to his wife.

“When we moved to [Ojai],” says Baldoni, “Emily told me that she had always dreamed of having a copper tub.” But not just any copper tub, he adds. Rather, one in which she could bathe under the stars. Luckily, our Native Trails copper bathtub provided the perfect solution for making her dreams come true.

We were happy to help make that dream a reality.

2. A concrete sink for a boutique van conversion

A Ram ProMaster van gets a total re-design to create a boutique living space for a luxurious, off-the-grid experience. The van features a NativeStone concrete sink and images feature backdrops of the pacific ocean.

A camper van? Neigh. Instead, furniture designer Jacob Gerhardt of Gerhardt Design Co. calls this redesigned Ram ProMaster a “boutique living space built for a luxurious, off-the-grid experience.”

And though it’s not the first time that we’ve seen one of our sinks used in this type of application … it’s certainly a favorite of ours thanks, in part, to the use of our NativeStone sink in Ventana.

“With attention paid to the smallest of details,” says Gerhardt, “this van includes an outdoor shower with built in water heater, skylight, furnace, sink with filtered drinking water, two integrated fans, a two burner LP gas stove top, electric fridge/freezer combo, and enough water on board to support a long stay.”

We say, a luxe one, too.

3. A Farmhouse sink adds luxury to a home Gym 

A home gym gets a luxurious redesign and features a concrete Farmhouse Sink in Native Stone, with high-end brass finishes.

When conceptualizing an upscale home gym for Hamilton, New York based clients, designers Alexis and Erika Perez of Swank by Design chose to implement our Farmhouse Sink in NativeStone into their design.

We love their dedication to the details, which is evident in their use of high-end finishes (statement lighting, hidden storage and reeded oak cabinetry) in an often-overlooked space.

“There are so many notable details to love in this space,” says the team. “We envision our clients enjoying many a workout here for years to come. They trusted the process and this room is a result of that.”

4. A powder room tucked under the stairs

A tiny, under the stair nook is transformed into a powder room, which features a Native Trails Maestro Sonata sink in Brushed Nickel. The countertop is a gorgeous white and black swirled marble.

Maximizing a space’s potential is an artform. Designer Jill Burnham of Parcon Construction shows that she’s mastered that artform, tenfold. Her secret? Thinking outside of the box.

“There’s beauty in abnormality,” says Burnham.

In her under-the-staircase design, she eschewed the conventional in favor of maximum impact and versatility via an asymmetrical layout. Her flair for the unusual perfectly highlights the versatility of our Native Trails Maestro Sonata Brushed Nickel Sink.

“Getting creative with the layout was a necessity while fitting this tiny powder room below the stairwell of this historic Key West home,” she said. “The custom designed floating marble vanity is the perfect anchor for this sink, complemented by the simplicity of the nickel faucet and hammered nickel sconces.

For more information and for projects that just can’t help but inspire, visit our Inspiration Gallery.