5 Reasons to Love Prep Sinks

WEB Cantina Pro Antique B

The average American home cook spends roughly an hour-and-a-half a day prepping food and cleaning up the resulting mess. In the interest of improving this time spent in the kitchen, many homeowners install multiple sinks. This is especially game-changing in the kitchens of large families or homeowners who like to entertain. Secondary sinks go by many names, often depending on their purpose and location. By any other name—bar sink, veggie sink, clean-up sink, etc.—a prep sink would be just as sweet. To be sure, like a wine refrigerator or a pot filler faucet—this is a luxury that homeowners can’t live without once they’ve experienced how handy it is. A prep sink is useful by definition and here are five reasons you should also love the prep sinks:

1. Convenience

Proximity and practicality come first when considering where to install a secondary sink. Not only do you want it far enough away from the main sink to make its existence logical, but its position should be directly related to the task performed with it. For instance, if you’d like to use it primarily as a food prep sink, you’ll want it installed where you’ve got plenty of counter space. A sink intended to assist with cocktail making will be on or near the bar. To suit these various purposes, some incorporate multiple sinks into a kitchen’s design.


Rio Chico Prep Sink paired with the Farmhouse Duet Pro
Photographer: Heidi Long, Longviews Studio

2. As an Island Sink

The many places you can think to stick a prep sink may surprise you, but we often find that they make the most sense on a kitchen island. Not only is this where the majority of food prep is done, but a sink on the island naturally encourages conversation and interaction, as opposed to a sink against a wall or window. Some are in the center of the island and some set off to one side, depending on design preferences and the size of the island.


Cantina Kitchen Prep Sink
Photographer: Mark Pinkerton, VI360

3. Make Entertaining More Fun

We’ve seen some pretty imaginative purposes during cocktail parties. Among them, filled with ice to chill wine and beer, shrimp cocktail, AND oysters on the half shell.

4. Allow for multiple cooks

We like to think that they make cooking more communal, more social, and definitely more comfortable. It’s especially useful to have an extra sink around during the holiday dinner party – at a time when multiple people are in the kitchen working to prepare meals and clean up.

5. Enhance Design Aesthetics

Dial up the luxury factor by adding a complete showstopper and suit a number of decor styles—from contemporary to rustic. Install as an under-mount, drop-in, or apron-front, as a deep bowl or narrow trough, and in a variety of materials, from cement to copper. Our Cantina bar & prep sink comes in beautiful polished finishes and can turn your countertop into a functional work of art.