10 Uses for a Lazy Susan

CPO244P_Copper_Lazy Susan_30_inch
You may have grown up with one at the center of your grandma’s table—around which “passing the peas” was infinitely more fun and easy to do—but now this timeless kitchen accessory is making a comeback in luxury homes around the world. Why? Because the spinning turntable nails that easygoing farmhouse style and packs all kinds of possibilities. Best of all, lazy susans make mealtime and party time more fun. They have a way of stealing the hearts of those who take it for a spin.
When the copper lazy susan turntables were rolled-out in 2014, they turned into one of the bestselling decor collection items. Customers who have snapped them up tell us what a big hit they are with family members and guests. One customer even told us, “I find my kids taking extra portions of veggies just so they have an excuse to spin the turntable; they love passing things to others by setting them on the tray and giving it a whirl.”

Ten ideas in the kitchen and beyond

30-Inch Acacia Wood Lazy Susan

1. Center of Your Dining Experience

Optimize the center of your table—acting almost like a server or butler—and encourage better conversation, minimizing interruptions of “Wouldya please pass the…?” (How many kitchen items can you say that about?) This kind of family-style food service allows us to be “lazy” so we can busy ourselves with what really matters—the family and friends around the table. When it’s not mealtime, you will love the look of a small lazy susan for styling a simple arrangement of flowers or greenery, candles, and/or seasonal décor.

2. On a Kitchen Island or Cabinet Top

Punctuate your island or your kitchen countertop with a lazy susan on which you can store cooking utensils, tea towels, spices, or oils. With a spinning unit, there is no hard-to-reach row in the back; often-used items can now stay close at hand.

3. Cheese Platter

Use it to display a party-ready, self-serve platters of cheese, crackers, fruit, and olives. Guests love when they realize the tray spins around.

4. Coffee or Bar Station

Transform it into a coffee station—either in your kitchen or in a guest suite—and stock it with creamer, a selection of sweeteners, and a pair of mugs. Or cluster several bottles of spirits and a few highball glasses for a neat and elegant cocktail station.

5. Wine Tasting

Speaking of booze, use a heavy-duty 30-inch lazy susan to keep pourings within reach during wine tastings.

6. The Bath

Inside a bathroom hutch as a decorative element with a useful “twist.” It also enchants as a platter for soaps, flowers, washcloths, and/or candles.

7. The Desktop or Dresser

An increasingly common use is as a desktop storage station. In an office, containers for pencils, pens, business cards, and paper clips can be gathered. Likewise, on a dresser or tabletop, it can spotlight favorite baubles or a perfume bottle collection.

8. An Outdoor Kitchen

Keep seasonings and sauces handy—and your outdoor kitchen space tidy during get-togethers—with a durable copper turntable that stands up to the elements just fine.

9. A Birthday Party

The spinning motion contributes extra whimsy while the platter sees to it that your gourmet cupcakes stay within easy reach of your guests.

10. An Outdoor Party

Keep your picnic snacks and utensils on a swivel.

CPO242 20-Inch Copper Lazy Susan Antique Finish