Dealer Picks: Dana Stephens, Snyder Diamond Pasadena

A Native Trails Cantina copper sink is featured in the 2014 Pasadena Showcase House of Design. Snyder Diamond, renowned for excellence in the Kitchen & Bath industry since 1949, was fundamental
in placing our sink in the Carriage House this year. Kindly, they invited a few Native Trails team members to attend the showcase for an evening of appreciation of the participating designers. Since we were in Pasadena, we certainly had to make a visit to Snyder Diamond’s gorgeous showroom and that is where we met Dana Stephens. She has been with the company for over 14 years and her tenure spans all three Snyder Diamond locations: Santa Monica, North Hollywood, and Pasadena. Dana has a true passion for the industry and talking about our Native Trails kitchen & bath sinks and furniture gave her even more of reason to radiate enthusiasm.

NT: Dana, what excites you most about our hand hammered copper sinks?
DS:I really love the variety that Native Trails products offer. Having that range of designs lets me expose our customers to several different styles and finishes, but with the confidence of consistent quality. The rolled rim of the Maestro Lotus is so classic.  It is really an elegant sink and the hammered marks done by hand really show care and craftsmanship, it is like a piece of art. The Hibiscus is so different though, I love that it is self-rimming – it makes a statement when you approach it, a very sexy sink. And the Eclipse is really beautiful. That semi-oval rim is gorgeous, you really can’t find that design anywhere else but Native Trails.
Dana Stephens Snyder Diamond Hibiscus

NT: What trends in kitchen and bath you are seeing?
DS: People have finally realized that kitchens are the heart of the home, so we have been seeing a lot of bar and prep sinks being sold. The host can cook and entertain in one location and their friends and family can join in on the fun. I really like your Rio Chico – it is a conversation piece. If I had one, I would fill it with ice and lay out shrimp and sushi. Or you could fill it with beverages, it is just so convenient yet it maintains the beauty of a room. And since it is an undermount, cleanup would be very easy.

NT:  What gets you the most excited when helping a client?
DS: I really love the entire process. It is incredible to see what the designer has on paper and then the end results. Having products like those from Native Trails makes my job easier. If we don’t happen to have product on hand, you have great photography, allowing the customer to really envision the product. I love it when a plan comes together!
Dana Stephens Snyder Diamond Eclipse

NT: How do you see the industry changing and how does that relate to Native Trails?
DS: There is so much more technology in the kitchen and bath industry and to partner with that technology, we need a range of kitchen and bath designs. Your Zuma farmhouse kitchen sink takes traditional and turns it on its side. It has an edgy appeal, you don’t need a country style kitchen for that sink. With the slant of the apron front, you can really reach in there and get your work done.

NT: Thank you, Dana. We are thrilled to be partnering with Snyder Diamond for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design for the third year in a row. Pasadena has a lot of wonderful things in the world of interior design going on, we can’t wait to visit again soon!