The Very Versatile Melinda Guglietta

Melinda Guglietta, Designers We Love
Melinda Guglietta, a senior designer at Bespoke of Winchester, has given kitchens, pantries, and living spaces throughout Massachusetts and New England a tailor-made touch. Befitting its name, Bespoke is obsessed with personalized details, with a focus on the custom-built cabinetry crafted in its 10,000 square-foot state-of-the-art workshop.

Melinda, who studied architectural engineering at the University of Hartford, has been working as an interior designer for the past 16 years. Join us in our entertaining, engaging discussion with Melinda about versatility in design, individual style, and duck-feet lamps.
NT: We originally came across your designs on Instagram, which is full of fun, fresh, and inspiring photos, from a statue of Ganesh to a lamp with duck feet. Do you have a particular source of inspiration?
MG: A couple of times a year I like to go away by myself to have a clear head and find creative inspiration from my surroundings. Sometimes I find inspiration in nature, but sometimes I find it in the middle of a city – as evidenced by Ganesh and the duck feet! I think inspiration comes when people open themselves up to new experiences and environments.

NT: Do you have a signature style?
MG: Over many years of designing I have found that one of my best abilities is being very versatile while working with different styles. I like to take on the challenge of embracing a client’s individual style and finding unique pieces that work for them. The space should reflect their personality and lifestyle, from the layout to the finishing touches. My signature style is a happy client in a space that truly represents them.
 Melinda Guglietta on Sustainability in Bar Prep Design

NT: Any advice for clients on getting that happy end result?
MG: I think the best advice for a client is to be open and honest about their ideas. The space should be unique to their taste, and they shouldn’t be afraid to be vocal about exactly what they want.
NT: Do you have a favorite project?
MG: I recently completed in a kitchen in Winchester, MA. I loved this project for a number of reasons. I got to work with a client who was passionate about the project and open to lots of new ideas. We decided on a cerused finish for the cabinetry with a handmade marble mosaic backsplash that added a lot of visual interest to the space. I added the Native Trails Redondo Grande hammered nickel bar sink to complete the look, and my client couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out.

NT: It’s such a beautiful design, and we are honored that you included us. What led you to select Native Trails?
MG: The uniqueness of each product really draws me into Native Trails. Whenever I have the opportunity to use a Native Trails product it feels like adding a piece of art to the project. Once I became aware that Native Trails utilizes skilled artisans and eco-friendly materials, your brand became one of my go-to options for home design.
NT: What’s your philosophy on sustainable design?
MG: I believe sustainability is important in every home. I love to show my clients a variety of environmentally friendly options throughout the design process. I find many people don’t realize that sustainability is easy to achieve without sacrificing quality or design. This is a large part of why I have been drawn to Native Trails – clients love the environmental aspect but are completely sold by the functional and beautiful products.
Melinda Guglietta, Fenway Prep Kitchen, Winchester MA

NT: Time for rapid-fire Q&A. What’s your favorite color for the kitchen?
MG: I love grays and blues.
NT: Favorite color for the bath?
MG: I’m a huge fan of a classic white-and-gray bath.
NT: What’s your favorite décor piece?
MG: Anything in shagreen.
NT: What’s your favorite kitchen accessory?
MG: I think a good pendant in the kitchen is important to lighting, but the right hardware is like the jewelry of a kitchen.
NT: What’s your favorite bathroom accessory?
MG: A heated towel bar is a fun accessory for any bathroom.
NT: Other favorites?
MG: I love to use petrified wood because it is a beautiful and sustainable material.
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