Inside the New Precious Metals Collection

Amara Fireclay Bathroom Sink in Matte Gold (PML2014-G) Drop-in

Native Trails’ 25th anniversary required something extra special. The brand started out humbly back in 1996—with CEO and founder Naomi, then a college student, regularly escaping California’s central coast to travel around Mexico, forging relationships with artisans she met and filling her van to the brim with handmade wares she took home to sell.

Naomi has covered a lot of ground since then. Now Native Trails has evolved into the foremost eco-friendly luxury kitchen and bath company (even earning B Corp certification in 2019). The brand has continued to follow Naomi’s path—into new communities and countries, where she works with artisans to unearth new innovations and honor age-old traditions. Twenty-five years into this journey, Native Trails celebrates its “silver” anniversary by unveiling the Precious Metals Collection, including two farmhouse kitchen sinks, one bar sink, and two bathroom sinks, glazed in 24k Matte Gold, Platinum or Silver.

Ancient PotteryThis luxe anniversary series of fireclay sinks is handcrafted by master Italian artisans, drawing on the storied past of Italy’s Umbrian region. With its exceptional clay soils, the area has a long history of ceramics going back to the Bronze Age. It also boasts a rich heritage of gold and silver smiths who used ancient methods to create beautiful metallic glazes over handmade pottery.

Building on those deep-rooted artistic traditions, Native Trails’ Precious Metals Collection is laboriously crafted by highly skilled artisans who hand-cast each sink from fine fireclay before firing it twice in kilns reaching temperatures of 2200°F.

Each piece is then meticulously hand-glazed by expert artists with genuine 24k gold, platinum and silver, then returned to the kiln for yet a third firing.

Artisan Collage

Lastly, each sink is protected with Native Trails’ exclusive, custom formulation sealer for ultimate durability. The result is an incredibly durable and strikingly beautiful collection of bath and kitchen sinks, that not only pay homage to the past, but are tough enough to ensure a long future.  

 Meet the five Precious Metals sinks

Dreamer Fireclay Kitchen Sink (PMK3018)

Dreamer: With its alluring precious metal apron and a glossy white fireclay interior, the 30” Dreamer farmhouse sink will take your kitchen design to the heights of luxury. Italian craftsmanship brings dreamy elegance, designed to endure the test of time.

Rendezvous Fireclay Kitchen Sink (PMK3320)

Rendezvous: Be prepared for this roomy 33” farmhouse sink to be the statement piece of your kitchen design. The showy curved apron front is glazed by master Italian artisans with a durable precious metal finish.

Reveler Fireclay Bar & Prep Sink (PMB1515)

Reveler: This 15.75″ x 7.5″ bar sink loves a party and tends to be the center of attention. Yet Reveler is always ready to work hard – its luxurious precious metal glazed interior protected by an extraordinarily tough sealer, ensuring that it always looks gorgeous, whether entertaining or hard at work.

Bliss Fireclay Bathroom Sink (PML1616)

Bliss: Find your Bliss… though with six finish options, it may be hard to choose. Fine fireclay is artfully transformed into this stunning bathroom vessel sink (16″ x 4.5″) with a hand-glazed precious metal finish. Platinum, Silver, or 24k Gold turn Bliss into bling, whether matte white interior or metal glazed inside and out.

Amara Fireclay Bathroom Sink (PML2014)

Amara: The name for eternal beauty, Amara (20″ x 14″ x 4.75″) is lovingly handmade; its custom formulated, extraordinarily tough protective sealer ensures that Amara’s beauty truly lasts. Designed to install as either a drop-in or undermount.

Made to play well with Native Trails’ countertops, drains and more

The finishing touch…Native Trails’ gold finish drains coordinate beautifully with the 24k Gold sink finish. If you’re looking for a gold faucet, there is a lot of variance from one manufacturer to another, but a few fan favorites are GRAFF’s 24K Brushed Gold, Aquabrass Brushed Gold and California Faucets Lifetime Satin Gold finishes.

Platinum and Silver sinks coordinate fabulously with faucets and drains in Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Stainless Steel, and more.

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