A Basic Guide for Bathroom Sink Drain Selection

Cuyama concrete bathroom sink with 1.5″ Dome Drain

A quality drain is essential to complement a finely crafted basin. We have searched high and low to find and perfect the best quality, most innovative and high-functioning designs in the industry. After all, if our bathroom sinks are designed to last, we want our bathroom sink drains to do the same. Each Native Trails drain is best of class: made of a thick 17-gauge metal with high-quality plating.

Choosing a Sink Drain for Your Copper Bathroom Sink

Perfect fit and seamless coordination are priorities when choosing a sink drain. Most sink drains out there do not thread all the way up, requiring the use of a spacer, which can be quite a hassle for the unsuspecting plumber. This is one reason we strongly recommend pairing a Native Trails copper lavatory sink with a Native Trails sink drain: our drains thread all the way up, creating a snug fit against the bottom of the basin, and installers love us for supplying the perfect drain for the job.

Three Drains for Bathroom Sinks

Most bathroom sinks/lavatory bowls have a drain opening that accommodates a 1.5” drain. Native Trails bathroom sinks, whether hammered copper bathroom sinks or NativeStone® concrete sinks (those with openings to accommodate a 1.5” drain), are suited to work with the following drains:

DR120 1.5” Dome Drain

1.5” Dome Drain (DR120): This unique design provides unobstructed flow through our bathroom sinks, giving it a distinct advantage over other similar-looking drains. It does not seal water in the bowl, so it works great with our basins that do not have overflows. This is our most popular drain.

 1.5” Push to Seal Dome Drain (DR130)

1.5” Push to Seal Dome Drain (DR130): Our Push to Seal Dome Drain allows for complete closure and opening of the drain, as needed. Push down to seal the drain; push again to open As with each Native Trails drain, the Push to Seal Dome Drain has maximum threading to snuggly fit our bathroom sinks. It is available in finishes that perfectly coordinate with Native Trails’ hand hammered copper sinks and NativeStone concrete sinks.

1.5” Teardrop Drain (DR150)

1.5” Teardrop Drain (DR150): Our Teardrop Drain is a stylish lavatory drain. Its larger-sized teardrop-shaped holes and its slightly domed shape provide superior drainage, preventing drainage-blocking bubbles from forming and stopping items that just shouldn’t go down. High-quality plating and thicker gauge metal make all our drains the best of class. Available in finishes that perfectly coordinate with the hand-hammered copper, nickel, and NativeStone sinks.

For more guidance, check out our drain finish guide and our favorite bathroom faucets.