4 Kitchen Design Trends We Love for 2024

Discover the latest kitchen design trends that redefine luxury and sophistication for the year 2024, plus pair perfectly with Native Trails’ offerings

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the heart of the home takes center stage. Kitchens are more than just functional spaces; they’re hubs of creativity and style.

As we step into 2024, fresh ideas are emerging, offering a delightful blend of color, texture and luxury.

Join us as we explore four captivating kitchen design trends that are set to define the year ahead.

Kitchen Design Trend 1: Saturated colors with juxtaposed neutrals

Bright, bold green tile stretches from counter to ceiling. It exemplifies 2024 kitchen design trends by mixing bold colors with natural materials.
Designer: Hema Persad, Sagrada Studio
Photographer: Jenna Peffley

Vibrant and deeply saturated colors are making a bold statement in kitchen design this year.

Look to designer Hema Persad for inspiration; her sumptuous, jewel-tone kitchen (above) delivers the perfect juxtaposition, featuring Zia Tile in a bright emerald hue, and cabinets in Minster Green by Farrow & Ball. She successfully grounds the bold palette with our NativeStone concrete sink, Farmhouse 3018 in Ash, paired with a timeless butcher block countertop.

“Concrete is really so functional for a kitchen,” says Persad.

Overall, 2024 is inviting designers and DIYers to ‘go for the bold’ when it comes to kitchen design trends – and they’re happy to comply. “We’re witnessing a resurgence of dramatic color tones that introduce powerful contrast, such as warm, saturated hues [that pair well] with understated neutrals,” adds Kerrie Kelly, CEO and creative director of Kerrie Kelly Studio.

Also try: For a bright splash of color, try Precious Metals Rendezvous in Gold, a luxurious fireclay sink hand glazed with 24k gold.

Kitchen Design Trend 2: Quiet Luxury

Designer: Ainsley Stewart
Photographer: Morgan Brinton
Product: Farmhouse 30 in Polished Copper

In 2024, luxury whispers rather than shouts in kitchen design trends. “In the same way a ‘quiet luxury’ wardrobe is assembled, within design, there will be a continued emphasis on classic, investment pieces that you can build a room around,” Jake Arnold tells Vogue.com.

One way to bring quiet luxury to the kitchen is by keeping your classic, wooden cabinets. Rather than painting them, finish them to bring forward their natural beauty.

Look to designer Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc., whose stark but harmonious contrast of white, black and wood elements (above) reflect the trend, perfectly. Featuring a Farmhouse 30 in Polished Copper, this kitchen is effortlessly balanced.

Also try: Precious Metals Dreamer in Gunmetal, a luxurious, fireclay sink.

Kitchen Design Trend 3: Textures

Designer: Leanne Ford
Product: NativeStone Farmhouse Double Bowl in Pearl

Photographer: Erin Kelly

Texture reigns supreme in kitchen design trends this year, adding depth and visual interest. This is best achieved by embracing a variety of textures while keeping the color palette subdued.

“We’re seeing a lot of textural stone on walls, and then we’ll pair that with steel elements; that textural quality will continue to be really big,” confirms Shea McGee of Studio McGee.

Another texture to watch: lime washing. “I think lacquer had its 15 minutes, and seeing your reflection in dining room walls doesn’t interest anybody right now,” Lori Deeds, of Kemble Interiors, tells Elle Decor. “Brushed or hand-applied finish is where it’s at,” she adds, “like Roman clay or lime wash or hand-tooled plaster, which I love doing.”

For inspiration, look to Leanne Ford, whose neutral-hued kitchen (above) features subtly textured countertops and tile backsplash paired with a NativeStone Farmhouse 3018 in Pearl.

Also try: pair natural, texture-rich elements with sleek fixtures such as the Native Trails Cocina 33 in Polished Nickel or the striking Precious Metals Dreamer in Platinum.

Kitchen Design Trend 4: Warm Reds and Chocolate Browns

Design: Uns Hobbs Interior Design & deVol Kitchens
Photographer: Shootfactory

Drawing inspiration from warm, desert colored tones, kitchens are embracing a cozy and inviting palette in 2024. Marry these rich hues with terra cotta tiles (or a herringbone hardwood pattern, such as the one featured above) to infuse your space with warmth and comfort, creating an intimate atmosphere that beckons you to linger and savor the atmosphere with loved ones.

“Trends have continued to shift away from cooler gray tones toward warmer color palettes found in nature,” designer Lisa Schwert of Innate Studio tells House Beautiful.

But the surprise standout in this trend that leans towards warm color combinations is undoubtedly, brown.

“Brown is an often-overlooked shade; there’s a depth and complexity to it that its sister shades, blacks and creams, don’t possess,” says McGee. “It’s a powerful hue that elicits feelings of familial warmth and a sense of safety and security, and acts as a grounding, stabilizing force.”

Try it with: A Farmhouse 30 in Polished Copper.