At Native Trails, we enrich people’s lives and enhance their living spaces by creating inspiring products that combine artisan craftsmanship with natural, sustainable materials.

These are the values that allow us to fulfill our mission:

Artisan traditions.

We celebrate the culture and humanity that our handcrafted goods embody.

Thoughtful design.

We focus on innovation, sustainability, and quality.

Care of the environment.

We influence the health of our planet through our actions, words, and deeds; we infuse sustainability into the products we create.

Collaboration and integrity.

We put these first in our relationships, with both business partners and employees.

Making an impact.

We improve our community, both globally and locally, through our Community Trails program and our everyday way of doing business.

Shared prosperity.

We have done our job well when we provide value to the consumer while everyone involved thrives – from the artisan who crafts the product to our dealers who sell them.

Our Mission