Mojito Polished Copper

Meet MetalProtect®, Our Innovative New Protective Coating That Preserves Your Metal Sink

One of the best things about life? We are all deliciously different, with home design tastes and preferences that vary and shift—not unlike the patina of our hand-hammered copper sinks. And while some people love the character of that patina—and in fact choose copper specifically because of it—others prefer that their sink look exactly the same every day.

We’ve found that most people’s No. 1 question about copper basins is how to maintain them and how they will hold up over time. After all, leave the lime slices from your margarita in an antiqued copper sink overnight and they will leave a mark (as does anything acidic). Though these marks “magically” fade over time, contributing to a one-of-a-kind patina that many people treasure, others want their copper sink to stay the way it was the day it was installed. For those considering a polished copper sink, they wonder how much work it will be to keep it looking bright and shiny.
We understand the reasons for both preferences- those who enjoy watching their copper sink naturally evolve, and those who want to freeze time and the environment’s impact on the metal. We have now come up with a way for our customers to protect and preserve their new sink’s finish if they so desire.

MetalProtect Easily Safeguards a Sink’s Finish


4oz MetalProtect Protective Copper Sealer

That’s where our new food-safe MetalProtect coating comes in. Available for the first time this year, this unique, crystal-clear coating protects copper—as well as our nickel products—from oxidation, smudges, water spots, fingerprints …. and stray lime slices.
Our new Polished Copper and Polished Nickel finishes especially benefit from MetalProtect, as they become virtually maintenance-free once sealed, maintaining their glittering finish with no need for regular polishing. Should you seal our traditional Antique and Tempered Copper finishes with MetalProtect, you will be able to maintain their look rather than watching it evolve over time. Do keep in mind that you will no longer have the fun of writing temporary messages like “Happy Birthday” with ketchup on your sink! Our Brushed Nickel finish is a naturally low maintenance finish, but in a hard water situation, it can nevertheless benefit from MetalProtect’s protection against water spots. If an unchanging finish is what you would like, MetalProtect is perfect for all of our finishes.
Not limited to Native Trails products, MetalProtect works well on any unpainted metal and is used successfully on stainless steel appliances, faucets, metal tiles and more. This revolutionary new product has boundless applications.

Applying MetalProtect

Cantina hammered copper bar/prep sink in Polished Copper

Cantina hammered copper bar/prep sink in Polished Copper

The process of applying MetalProtect is simple and straightforward, involving preparing and polishing the surface (if applicable), rinsing the surface, removing residue, and applying a primer and two additional coats with a foam paint brush. (For full application instructions, click here.) The coating will then cure over a period of four days.
Depending on frequency of use, you should get many months to years of protection from MetalProtect. It is important that abrasives are avoided, as always with a specialty metal fixture, for longer lasting results.
When you see the finish beginning to turn dull, it is time to reseal. As long as the metal has not begun to tarnish there is no reason to remove the old sealer; simply clean thoroughly with soap and water and reapply MetalProtect over the top of the old sealer for many more months of worry-free protection. If metal has begun to tarnish (indicating the sealer has completely worn through), clean and polish as per the instructions.
We’re thrilled to now be able to offer MetalProtect to all of our customers. Whether you love patina or would prefer to do without, we love you just the same and want to help you get—and keep—exactly the sink you want.