Warm and Inviting Finishing Touches

Style Guide: 10 Essential Autumn Dining Table Accessories

Acacia Lazy Susan
Leaves are tumbling from the sky, and temperatures are growing crisp enough to leave your windows open at night. You may have already invited a pumpkin-related ingredient into a recipe, and you’re likely to invite family and good friends over for brunch, a Halloween party, perhaps even a Thanksgiving celebration.
There’s something about the way the light changes at this time of year that calls for warm colors rather than cool. Chocolate and copper and burnt orange and burnished apple add cozy touches.
If you’re looking to shift décor gears for the season, here are 10 easy-to-add accessories to style your dining room and kitchen this fall:

Finishing Touches - Monterey Copper Bowl
1. Large Monterey Copper Bowl:
Because those fresh-picked apples (or fresh-fallen pine cones) can’t go in just any old bowl.
Finishing Touches - Copper Utensil Holder
2. Copper Utensil Holder:
A countertop essential, all the more essential at this time of year, when baking utensils should be kept within reach.
 finishing touches - Rectangular Rush Basket
3. Rectangular Rush Basket:
Wicker, rattan and all things made of woven grass are back, and this basket will hold everything from cookbooks to sweet potatoes.
finishing touches - Grand Canyon Lamswool Throw
4. A plaid throw:
For tossing over a dining room bench or the back of a barstool.
Finishing Touches - Copper Napkin Rings
5. Copper Napkin Rings:

Elevate a place setting with a napkin ring hand-made from a timeless, earthy material.

Finishing Touches - Red stripe napkins
6. Red French Ticking Stripe Napkins:

Ticking stripe evokes easygoing country cottage charm year-round; in red, it contributes a seasonal nostalgia that will carry your table settings from the Fourth of July right on through Christmas.

Finishing Touches - copper lazy susan
7. Copper Lazy Susan:
In 12”, 20”, 30” or 36”, this is a classic dining accessory that makes passing the pie easier and even more fun this time of year. (No longer available in Acacia, as shown above)
Finishing Touches - hand-painted coaster set
8. Spanish Garden Tile Coasters:
Hot toddy, apple cider, whiskey straight-up. Whatever your autumn libation of choice, rest it on one of these.
finishing touches - copper spoon rest
9.  Copper Spoon Rest:

With so many soups to make and cookies to bake, this spoon rest will keep your counter tidy.

Finishing Touches - white pumpkin
10. White pumpkins:

Counteract all those rust, red and orangey hues with a table centerpiece of crisp white pumpkins from your local farmers market.

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